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Baraye Azadi

Persian Calligraphy - Ink on Paper - 16"x24"


Installments: $750 x 4


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Expression is power and expression heals. The artist connects with, acknowledges, and heals herself as she reflects the truth of time and space. Her work, thus, shall continue to empower and heal all those who come across it. My art has been my prayer, the refuge of my soul in the chaos of our world. It’s also been the means to pay my share of activism and support for the people of my country, claiming their freedom. As they rise, so do I to bring awareness to their endeavors and to offer beauty as an antidote to grief. 

The labor of over 80 hours of work, “Baraye Azadi”, meaning “For Freedom”, ignited when the magnitude of our collective hope for change struck me and my minimal art style became infused with the spirit of Persian fine art.. a rug of letters and words was born to carry the song “Baraye”. With calligraphy as an ancient Persian art, this artwork is meant to be, first, aesthetically appeasing and inducing a sense of home before being a protest art. Looking closely, however, it holds all the painful stories of our homeland and our collective hope for freedom. As I go through creating this piece, I envision freedom at its both macro and micro levels_ freedom for my homeland and freedom for every individual to be unshackled from the pains of oppression and loss_ because the world is set to be a better place if we envision so.


Limited Edition Replica



Elegantly Framed and a Perfect Decorative Item

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Previously Exhibited at Pars Place, Busboys and Poets, IACC Gala, and Nufdi Gala

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