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Ann Kathleen McLaughlin, Author

 I was touched by your coming to know that the way to approach calligraphy was through a good, clear heart. I appreciate your insight that the depth of spirit comes in a way suited to our present time though it is an ancient path. This is true for the ancient ways and teachings that are part of many spiritual paths. Your discovery sheds light for each of us who seeks to unearth ancient spiritual riches.

Megan Chaskey, Author

Your words of encouragement based on your sincere connection with the “spirit of self leadership”

have touched something very deep in me. 

Sometimes what we think we are creating from our own small will 

can actually be an instrument for the larger flow of life to speak through us.

Dr. Solmaz Sahraeyan

It felt so good to hear the peace in your voice. It made me think of this poem:

بنی‌آدم اعضای یک دیگرند

Your peace brought peace to my heart. 

We all need guidance, reminders and love from each other to get that nutrition that our souls need to re-charge.

And for you to actually take the initiative and offer something that feeds souls, creates goodness, and reminds us to listen within, and to share your journey was truly a gift. 

This Could Be You

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