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Each project starts with a deep desire to manifest the truth of time and space using tools appropriate for the creation, the artist, and the environment. 

Art coaching

Resilience & Renewal

True art manifests an understanding of time and space. "Resilience & Renewal" is a 40 foot wall relief, symbolizing life finding its way from in between the cracks of drought time. This project holds the multi faceted story of intentions and tiny miracles the universe plays to connect people and to create a work that serves all. 300 pounds of clay were transformed by a local mosaic artist into over 200 pieces to carry this message.

Art therapy


Therapeutic art opens the space for the non-judgmental manifestation of what the psyche experiences. "Race" is a tri-panel wall color wash using only two colors to show the continuing presence of happiness and sadness and the ever victorious wash of golden happiness over grayish sadness.


Rumi's Wall

Manifestation is the art of embodying the creation before it comes alive. Rumi’s wall has been accomplished through a long process of staying true to the message before it came to life. The wall carries the story of honors bestowed upon all those who gave a hand in exhibiting it. The original artwork done on a letter size paper has been scanned, enlarged, and reprinted to show the flow of ink on paper and the magnificence detailed by a wooden straw.  


The Rug

"If we are to preserve culture, we must continue to create it", Johan Huizinga. This rug was re-designed and created after over 100 years. The paisleys carry the story of West meeting East, the longing for bringing the artist and the engineer together, and the emblem of a family woven into the knots of a rug. 

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