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Embarking on a writing voyage is both a privilege and an act of paying it forward. Chapter 15 of Midlife Awakening is dedicated to the journey of becoming through the sacred art of calligraphy.. Inviting you to listen to the universe and give it a chance to open up a door to your deepest desires through the practice of art making.

Have you given your expressions a chance to turn your path of self discovery to a place of self actualization? What if the act of expression, the process of creating, and the state of receiving were all there to just take you to your next level?

What if your zone of genius was as simple as allowing yourself to answer your callings?

Take these and take the book of Midlife Awakening!

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that’s a nice work

Nahid Untold
Nahid Untold
26 de fev.
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Thank you! Share more of your thoughts as you read it 🤍

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